Sponge Arm Sling

This Sponge Arm Sling is a multi-function type. It is made of soft cloth,sponge and adhesive strap.

1. Freely adjustable sling to keep the shoulder abduction,internal rotation position,and the elbow joint flexion
2. Adhesive velvet fabric and velcro straps to limit the shoulder abduction
3. High quality material,lightweight,graceful outline and facilities to wear
4. Thumb loop to prevent wrist drop.
5. Easy open sling to allow for forearm exercises.
6. Adjustable shoulder strap and waist loop that limits wrist drop and prevents migration as well as fix the arm in an ideal position
7. Easy to put on and off.
8. comfortable and user-friendly design

1. Shoulder contusion and strain
2. Shoulder dislocation
3. Stable fracture below the top of humerus
4. Fracture of the shoulder blade

Size: S/M/L

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