The function of most cervical collars is to prevent motion. The idea being that pain will lessen by restricting motion. The Mechanical Neck Traction is a revolutionary new approach to treating neck pain by reduction of gravitational pressure caused by the weight of the human head. The Mechanical Neck Traction innovative longitudinal expansion air columns gently lifts the head upward producing an unloading of the painful discs or joints. Unlike stationary over door home traction, using water bags and pulleys, the ambulatory collar allows freedom of movement.


One Size Fits All!

.1. The innovative design incorporates the ability, via an adjustment knob, to tighten the rear panel to help maintain the normal cervical curve during traction and healing process.
2. The collar features a 4-point anchor providing precision traction using a bilateral adjustable lifting gear.
3. Simple to use and easy on and off.
4. Can be worn at home or office.
5. Lightweight, comfortable.
6. Easily carried when traveling

1. Prolapsed lumbar intervetebral discs.
2. Abnormal function of small joints of the lumbar vertebra.
3. Hyperplasia of the lumbar vertebra.
4. Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting
5. Long time driving or sitting.
6. Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis
7. Low back pain caused by obesity.
8. Degenerative discs.

1. Wear it on your neck, centered on chin;
2. Left-hand thread the fixed plate into side post, rotate buckle cap by 90° to lock;
3. Adjust backside elastic knob;
4. Lifting knobs on both sides to adjust fixed position.


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The neck collar for rubber and plastic materials, polymer with high strength, soft, light and the characteristics of the surface is smooth, it is suitable for cervical spondylosis, the treatment of cervical vertebra small joint dislocation and subluxation and fixation.