First Aid Rolled Splint

First Aid Rolled Malleable Aluminum foam splint for fracture immobilization

First Aid Rolled is one of the required supplies in the first aid kits


1. Environmental friendly material
2. Soft and comfortable
3. Pliable, can be fit for any limbs
4. Rigid when bent to curves
5. Cut easily
6. Lightweight
7. Easily rolled or folded for storage
8. Easily clean and reusable
9. Easy to use, with no equipments
10. Waterproof
11. Radiolucent
12. Not puncture

First Aid Rolled Splint is made of aluminum and closed-cell foam. The core of splint is aluminum, which is sandwiched by closed-cell foam. It is based on a principle: curves are strong. So it will be strong enough to splint any part of fractured and injured limbs if you make some proper curves.


1. 11cm×90cm

2. 15cm×90cm

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