Support plate (removable) and dislocation and fine-tune supporting height. The top of the support plate shape and anastomosed with the jawbone bottom in conformity with the clavicle, a natural curve, can effectively for the cervical comfortably fixed to the fullest.

Long-term use of this product can have cervical health care function.
Suitable for a history of cervical vertebra and no history of cervical spine. Suitable with for a long time, have a history of cervical half an hour every day, has great curative effect. Breaking of cervical spondylosis, and have no time to go to a doctor, can be joint and several days, can alleviate the symptoms.

The neck collar for rubber and plastic materials, polymer with high strength, soft, light and the characteristics of the surface is smooth, it is suitable for cervical spondylosis, the treatment of cervical vertebra small joint dislocation and subluxation and fixation.

  • Made of high quantity plastic foam, allow X-Ray, CAT and MIR Scan
  • Consist of two pieces, front one with a chin cup, another fitting against the lower part of your skull
  • Size can be adjusted easily
  • Reduce heat and moisture with air holes around the neck support
  • Soft, lightweight, surface smooth
  • More comfortable with 2 pieces
  • Fully support for neck
  • Total cervical arch support maintains neutral alignment of the cervical spine
  • Designed with hole on throat position, convenient for the treatment of throat and trachea

1. Mainly used for neck fixation in emergency condition, and prevent preoperative
2. Neck fixation during first aid.
3. Preoperative and postoperative stabilization of cervical spine.
4. Immobilization affection of cervical spine.
5. Retrograde affection of cervical spine.
6. Ligament or soft tissue injury of the neck region.
7. Using for patient recovery or used with head immobilizer and spine board in emergency medical

size S M L
N.W. 82 g 85 g 89 g
Height of neck 3 1/4” 4 1/4” 5 1/4”
Perimeter of neck 13”-16” 16”-19” >19”
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