The Back support is a new invention for back pain 2015 year. It is designed according lumbar curve and ergonomics. It is suitable for all kinds of lumbago and has a good effect to the conservative treatment of lumbar vertebra osteoproliferation, acute and chronic lumbar vertebra inter vertebral disc protrusion and protection of waist protection after operation. The Back support is also the best protection product for the labor with high intensity on the waist.

1. Top quality imported material(elastic multiband material) with perfect Permeability
2. High elastic fiber cloth, fine texture, soft handle, meticulous soft touching feel
3. Double layer design for adjustable compression
4. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment.
5. Built-up flexible stays provide additional support and prevent rolling
6. Six steel bars, two pliable stays and double-pressure elastic belt provide comfortable and extra support to help relieve back pain.
7. Simple usage, no effect on clad effect after putting on
8. The extra wide support base provides added support to the lower back and abdominal region and helps maintain proper back alignment.

1. Provides support to the lower back and helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques .
2. Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation.
3. Durable elastic side pulls provides compression and support.
4. Relieve pelvis back pain.
5. Relieves lumbar pain caused by incorrect posture.
6. fixing and supporting the waist, could prevent the waist secondary injury and combining with the exercise self control to get the effect of model body.
7. double-effect high elastic belts which is tighten and constrictive on waist and abdomen, and then reduce weight and slim waist.
8. Allow limited flexion and extension.

Items Length ( cm ) Width ( cm ) N.W. ( kg )
S 74 26 0.47
M 83 26 0.54
L 93 26 0.56
XL 109 26 0.59
XXL 115 26 0.61

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