Adjustable ROM Knee Brace(New)

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1. Help knee joint to regain its original functions or functional training for long-term
2. High-duty military aluminum alloy support is ductility and can be adjusted as individual demand.
Stabilize the knee joint by four protective straps because of osteoarthritis caused by knee joint instability.
The bilateral range-of-motion settings can be adjusted between 0° – 120° of flexion
and 0° – 90° extension.

1. Conservative treatment of synthetical knee joint instability.
2. Anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament(ACL+PCL) tear
3. Fix and repair knee joint fracture, patellar fracture, dislocation, meniscus injury, muscle tone, contracture, arthritis and genu recurvatum disease etc.

Adult Free size: 50-62cm

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