Orthotics technician

Job Function: medical device R & D
Job description:
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible orthosis / Rehabilitation Equipment R & D, design, production
2. to provide prosthetics / orthotics design, research and development of professional and technical advisory services
3. The company is responsible for training products, technology, according to everyone’s learning progress to customize different training programs. For apprenticeship requirements: work carefully, you can take the initiative to learn, self-motivated, diligent, team awareness.
Apprenticeship period is usually 1-3 months. Specific work according to individual circumstances.

Job requirements:

1. The secondary and college education, 55 years of age, holds a prosthetic or orthotic technician qualifications priority, with many years experience in practical operation
2. thoughtful, conscientious, have a good team spirit, long-term stability
3. The energetic, creative, able to motivate the team to grow
4. According to the company’s external business development needs, do not regularly work overtime
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the production of prosthetics / orthotics, installation and maintenance.
2, to provide prosthetics / orthotics worn, maintenance of professional and technical advisory services.

Work Address

Jiangsu, nantong