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Vertical Portable Traction Technology!

Vertical Portable Traction Technology!

The Vertical Portable Traction Technology technology delivering high air pressure only vertically to protect the lumbar vertebrae against gravity.
Vertically expandable air pressure(around 0.16Mpa) can offer enough traction power to lift the upper body of a mature adult.


  1. 1
    A Vertical traction
    Traditional traction is often lying in the hospital After traction, the patient must be standing, walking home, vertebrae gap that has just been opened under the weight of the human body easily reverted to its original state oppression . The effect is greatly reduced. The vertical traction delivered by our belt to overcome the drawbacks of previous hospital traction, walk, sit, stand traction.
  2. 2
    Continuous Traction& Support
    the air traction belt sustainable traction, continue to support (several tens of hours too), to consolidate the traction effect, let the damaged lumbar get adequate rest (when used in patients with obvious feeling lumbar pressure), with the previous traction contrast, the effect is more pronounced for shorter cycle times!.
  3. 3
    Traction Efforts
    Air expansion efforts, 29 H-shaped expansion of the air column is evenly distributed to the waist for a week, stretching, vertebrae gap is opened, the effect is good.
  4. 4
    Governance Waist, Waist Double Effect
     Traction treatments at the same time, the continuous support belt to reduce the pressure of the lumbar spine (lumbar pressure may also have lumbar less) wide belt body can prevent the front of the lumbar sloping side crooked flash back lumbar action, wearing our air traction belt conducive to the recovery of the lumbar normal physiological column line (curve), play a role in the prevention of lumbar.


  5. 5
    Physical Therapy Safe
    No electricity, no side effects and adverse reactions.


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